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  • Mission: The Missouri Lawyers Substance Abuse Helpline (MOLSAH) was recently established to provide new and direct access to Missouri lawyers who are successfully recovering from substance abuse.  The lawyers participating in the Helpline have decades of experience in helping others begin their road to recovery.  So, welcome to MOLSAH where recovery begins!

  •  MOLSAH services are available to lawyers, their families, law students, members of the judiciary, law firms and solo practitioners.

  •  Helpline Information: “Need someone to talk to? When you call our Helpline (phone#) you will be connected to a Missouri lawyer who is successfully recovering from a substance abuse problem. Your call is CONFIDENTIAL and there is no charge for our services. We do not report to the Missouri Bar or any Bar committee.

  •  We can answer your questions and offer assistance to those seeking help. We can help you determine whether you have a problem and, if so, how best to begin your recovery.

  •  All of us at MOLSAH have experienced the anxiety, depression and unmanageability that goes along with our disease. Some of our members have suffered severe consequences related to our abuse but are now successfully recovering and thriving in our recovery. We earnestly hope that by reaching out to us now, we can help you avoid many of the demoralizing consequences of addiction.

  •  We have members throughout the state who are available to meet with you personally. A helping hand was there we were in need. It is in that spirit that we now extend a helping hand to you.


If I call the HELPLINE is my call confidential?

  • Yes, your call is strictly confidential.  We do not report calls to any Missouri Bar affiliated committee or program.

Who will I talk to when I call?

  • Your will be connected to a Missouri lawyer who is successfully recovering from substance abuse.

Is the MOLSAH Helpline new?

  • Yes, but among those here to answer your questions are lawyers who have been abstinent for 40+ years and who were original members of Missouri’s first substance abuse program for lawyers.

Do you have any information on treatment centers?

  • Yes, if you decide that you want to explore treatment center options, we can help guide you through the process and help you determine which treatment center best suits your needs.

Do you offer professional counseling?

  • No. The most effective recovery program we know of consists of non-professionals helping one another.  However, many of our participants do utilize professional counselors as part of their recovery program.

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Founded in 2024