Missouri lawyers participating in the MOLSAH Helpline are lawyers who are themselves successfully recovering from a substance abuse problem. When you call the MOLSAH HELPLINE you will be able to speak directly and confidentially to one of our volunteers who has maintained continued abstinence for at least three years.

      Our volunteers are recovering from addiction to alcohol as well as a wide array of other mind and mood-altering substances such as cocaine, cannabis, opioids and amphetamine. No matter what you are concerned about we have someone who can help.

      MOLSAH was formed to give Missouri practitioners DIRECT access to a lawyer in recovery without being screened by an employee of the Missouri Bar. We know from experience that those having questions or seeking help are more likely to reach out when they know that they can confidentially speak directly to someone who has experience with their issue. So, whether you are simply seeking information or believe you may have a substance abuse problem, you will be connected to someone who has the personal life experiences to guide you.

      Believe us-we understand how difficult it is to reach out for help. Each of us has been there and we wouldn’t be recovering today had not someone been there to help us find a new way. No matter your age or your substance abuse problem we can help.  

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